The Manna Group’s 25+ years of experience and flexibility allow you to meet the needs of your fundraising campaigns, no matter the size. Whether you have 5 or 500 members, we can customize our program to your group’s unique needs. Weekly, monthly, seasonal, special events or year-round, we have the right program for you!

Our FREE online scrip management program, www.mannaorders.net, includes all features needed to order, manage and track your scrip fundraising program.  Allows coordinators and participants’ access to order online 24/7.

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“Anything used instead of money”. Our Scrip Fundraising program offers over 300 scrip gift card to choose from.  With every gift card purchased a profit is made!

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Now available - Real Time Electronic Gift Cards!  MannaEscrip allows Participants to order online, 24/7 and receive eGift cards via email instantly!

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What is Scrip?

SCRIP is a Latin word which means, “anything used instead of money”. The term “SCRIP” evolved to include a fundraising method popular with nonprofit organizations, including but not limited to, schools, churches, bands, athletic groups, cheer teams, choral groups, etc., and has now become known as “scrip fundraising”.

The Manna Group Scrip Company offers over 300+ gift cards and gift certificates to nonprofit organizations at a discount. Your members, supporters, neighbors, family and friends purchase the gift cards (scrip) at full face value for their everyday purchases, gift-giving and shopping, turning everything from groceries, gas, travel, restaurants and online purchases into profit for your organization! An instant profit is made! The families redeem the gift cards at full face value, and the discount or rebate is retained by the nonprofit organization as fundraising revenue.

All scrip gift cards offered are the same gift cards you will find in participating stores or online.





The Manna Group Scrip Company is currently partnered with over 300 national and local merchants. We serve and represent our nonprofit groups by purchasing large volumes of scrip from our affiliated merchants at the highest available discount.  Merchants who participate in scrip fundraising have contributed millions of dollars to the nonprofit community.


Use the following forms to order scrip, sign up for ACH payment, or return gift cards.

Order Forms (Traditional Plastic Gift Cards Only)

Listed Alphabetically | Listed by Discount

Use these forms to distribute to your participating families, members or supporters.   Both order forms are updated weekly to reflect changes in discount, denominations, merchants, etc. Be sure the most recent order forms are being distributed each week.

Auto Debit Authorization (ACH) Form

Streamline your program by authorizing The Manna Group to debit your payment directly from your financial institution.  Mail, email (mail@mannagroup.net) or fax (847.202.8451) the ACH Form to obtain approval for your organization. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

Gift Card Return Forms

Include this completed form when returning gift card(s) to The Manna Group. Gift card returns will not be processed without this form.

Tri Fold Order Form Kit

Looking for a one-time, traditional fundraiser? Choose the dates that work best for your fundraising campaign and utilize our free, full-color, Tri Fold Order Form. This traditional form is perfect for groups who order once or twice a year, exclusively during the holiday season, or a specific 2-4 week long fundraising campaign.  All the necessary forms, including poster, master order form and instructional booklet are FREE of charge due to the sponsorship of our participating merchants.

The Manna Group’s FREE online scrip management program is available to all participating nonprofit organizations. MannaOrders allows coordinators and participants to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Mannaorders.net provides all necessary reporting to manage your scrip fundraising program.



 This feature allows the participants who use MannaOrders to submit their payment direct from their bank account via ACH (Automatic Clearing House). This not only eliminates a hassle, but also reduces the time spent to send a check to the organization, therefore lessening the workload of the group’s coordinator.




MannaEscrip is our newest enhancement to The Manna Group’s online ordering platform. It provides the capability to purchase electronic gift cards (eGift cards) and receive them via email instantly. The latest news for MannaEscrip in the 2014-2015 school year is that there will be 25 NEW eGift Cards in REAL TIME!  Participants only - Place your MannaEscrip order 24/7 and receive your eGift card, instantly via email, redeemable in stores and online.



Existing and new family banking information must be verified and approved by The Manna Group Scrip Company and the Organization's Coordinator before the MannaPay option is made "live" on each family's account. This simple process provides additional safeguards to ensure the safety of our online ordering site. To become verified, simply log into your MannaOrders account (sign-in credentials are provided by the Coordinator) and follw the step-by-step instructionson your homepage. This process takes approximately 3 - 5 business days.


Our scrip program is constantly changing with the addition of new merchants, adding new denominations, revising discounts, announcing changes in gift card availability, etc. We highly recommend visiting the ‘What’s New’ section of the website often to ensure you are up to date with any news we have to share.

Also, ‘What’s New’ information is sent via email to the coordinator’s email address on file with The Manna Group.






The Manna Group offers fundraising assistance for nonprofit groups throughout the continental U.S.  Our 25 years of experience ensures that we have the capability to assist you in helping to find the right program for your organization’s needs.

Click below to fill out and submit the Enrollment Form. A Manna Group representative will contact you to begin your group’s scrip fundraising program.

The Manna Group requires no signed contracts, fees or minimum orders to participate in our scrip program.

Any questions before enrolling, please feel to contact us!

Office Direct:  847-202-8442

Toll-Free 1-888-272-1842





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