What is Scrip, and how does it work?

Your organization collects orders for gift cards, also called “scrip”, from participating families who pay face value for the gift cards. Discounts for various gift cards range from 1.5% to 30%. Your organization keeps the difference as instant profit!


Who can participate?

Registered Nonprofit organizations (5013c) such as schools (private and public), churches, civic organizations, synagogues, PTO/PTA boards, mission groups, athletic teams and clubs, booster clubs, dance and cheer teams, choral groups, foundations including all nonprofit organizations seeking fundraising opportunities are welcome to participate.


How do I enroll?

Select the Enroll page located on our website to enroll today. Once enrolled, a Manna Group representative will contact you to assist you further in the enrollment process as well as answer any questions you may have. Upon enrollment, we will also provide you with marketing materials to begin your fundraising.


How long after I enroll am I able to place an order?

Once enrolled and verified as a nonprofit organization, an order may be placed immediately. However, the banking information (ACH) must be approved for the release of your order. The ACH form can be found online, under the Forms tab. If paying by check, your order will not be released until the payment is received. See page 7 in this packet for more information regarding payment options.


Are there any fees or contracts involved in enrolling?

No, The Manna Group requires no set up fees or contracts to participate in our scrip program.


How are orders shipped?

Manna Express offers delivery via FedEx, overnight or ground, to a participating business or organization. We also service specific areas around Chicagoland where delivery is made by our own, fully insured drivers. Please check with the office concerning Manna Group delivery.

Manna Express charges a minimal shipping fee of 5$ for FedEx ground or $10 for FedEx overnight delivery. Based on volume, we also offer FREE SHIPPING. See the information regarding Ordering and Shipping on page 6 for more information.



Do you provide home delivery?

Yes, however, we do require a Home Delivery Waiver be on file for your organization before we ship any orders to a home location. The waiver is mandatory as FedEx does not require a signature for home deliveries. Submitting this form waives all responsibility from Manna Express in case the order is lost in the shipping process.

There is an additional fee of $3.00 for all home deliveries.


Do gift cards have an activation fee applied?

No, gift cards have no activation fees applied. The Visa Prepaid Rewards card also requires no activation fee.


Do gift cards need to be activated upon delivery?

No, all our gift cards and prepaid gift cards are sold active. No activation is required from coordinators and/or participating families.


What happens if a gift card is unavailable at the time of ordering?

In the event that we are out of stock of a specific gift card, we will backorder this item and ship when your next order is placed. If another order is not places with us within 2 weeks, we will mail or ship to the address on file for your organization. Depending on the size of and/or need of the backordered item, special arrangements may be made for shipping. We do not charge shipping on backorders.


Do you accept return of gift cards?

Yes, we do require a Gift Card Return form be completed and returned to our office in the event that a return must be made. For information regarding this form, please see page 10 of this packet. Please be sure to mark your return with your organization’s name and give to our driver (if applicable) or return to us by mail.

Mail direct to our office at 887 Wilmette Ave., Suite E-1, Palatine, IL, 60074 ATTN:  Returns. If mailing over $100, we recommend you send via insured USPS. We cannot be responsible for lost gift cards sent through the mail. All returns will be verified including the history of use. We cannot accept returns on damaged, defaced, or used gift cards.


Can additions be made to a submitted Manna order?

Once your order has been submitted, we cannot make additions to the order. We can begin a new order and ship the same day. Every attempt will be made to ensure all your orders are fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner.


Do you replace lost or stolen gift cards?

We will do our best to help you when gift cards are lost or stolen. It is dependant on the policy of the individual merchants whether or not a card may be replaced in the event that it is lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards may not be replaced without the proper serial number.



How long does it take to receive an order?

Manna Express offers SAME DAY shipping. If your order is received by 1:00PM CST, it will be fulfilled and shipped the same day!


Do you offer a scrip management program?

Yes, Mannaorders.net is available to assist in managing your organization’s scrip fundraising program. This online tool is offered FREE of charge to all participating Manna Express customers.


Is there a minimum order required?

In order to optimize the most profit for your organization, we recommend a minimum order of $1,000.00.


Do you accept special orders?

We cannot carry every denomination offered by a vendor, but we can special order certain denominations that we do not carry. If you would like to place a special order, first check with the office that it is available to us to purchase. Please allow 2 weeks for the delivery to be made.  Special orders are not invoiced until the week it is delivered.

We require a $500.00 minimum order on each special order placed.


How often should an order be placed?

There is no requirement of how often a group should order. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, even once a year, it is a matter of choice for each nonprofit organization. The more successful programs run weekly or bi-weekly year round to achieve the optimal profit for their organization.


What form of payment is accepted?

Our preferred method of payment is ACH debit. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a safe, secure global electronic network for financial transactions. An ACH form must be completed and approved before an order can be placed. Approval takes approximately 2 days from the time the form has been submitted to the Manna Group. Upon received approval, the coordinator on file will be contacted.

Checks are also an acceptable form of payment; orders will not be released until the check has been received.

Credit cards are NOT accepted at this time.


What type of gift cards/gift certificates does Manna offer?

The 300+ gift cards and certificates that are offered through The Manna Group are the same gift cards found and purchased from local and national retailers. We offer local and national groceries, gas stations, retail, restaurants, travel, online retailers, hospitality, and more!


Do gift cards expire?

No, however, on occasion there may be a non usage fee applied. This is typically due to a specific amount of time being surpassed without usage. Please see the Vendor Guidelines portion of our website for further details.

The Manna Group does offer a Visa Prepaid Rewards card that is only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please see the Vendor Guidelines page for details.


How do I check the balance of my gift card?

If you would like to inquire of the balance remaining on your gift card, please see the back of the scrip. The number listed on the back of the card will provide you the option to confirm the remaining balance. Keep in mind, some scrip do require you to have access to the PIN number found on the back of the card in addition to the card number.

Once an attempt with the vendor’s customer service line has been made, you should feel free to contact The Manna Group with addition questions.



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